Frequently Asked Questions

For Fabric Upholstery

Fabric suites receive a spray on application called 'SuperShield'. SuperShield is a stain protection solution which prevents the fabric from staining for the life of the Protection Plan (5 years). SuperShield is a break through in water based fabric and carpet protector which has been extensively used in Germany and Austria for over 8 years. It also contains Health Guard ™ which is an anti-allergenic product.

The Problem With Conventional Fabric Protectors ...

Conventional waterproofing agents simply coat the strands or fibres in the fabric matrix with a water proof film. Over time, through wear and flexing this coating becomes cracked and/or damaged, allowing the fibres to be penetrated by liquids.

The Benefits Of Supershield ...

SuperShield protector actually impregnates deep into the fibres and virtually becomes part of the individual strands, eliminating the disadvantages of conventional fabric protectors. SuperShield allows fabrics to "breathe" whilst maintaining its liquid repelling qualities. Because of these qualities, SuperShield is also used for stain protecting household carpets and soft furnishings and is also applied in offices, motor vehicles, boats and aircraft. In addition, it is also used for waterproofing outdoor clothing and camping equipment.

For Leather Upholstery

For a leather suite, an application of the Pelle leather conditioner & protectant is applied. The regular and correct use of the Pelle protection and cleaning products has been tested by LASRA (Leather And Shoe Research Authority) and proven to double the wear life of a leather suite if used correctly. The Conditioner keeps the leather supple, which helps to prevent cracking in the leather finish. The Protector leaves a protective barrier of tanners wax on the surface of the leather which will hold up soiling for up to 3 months, making cleaning a lot easier next time around. The Protector also adds a significant increase to the wear life of the leather by stopping the friction and drag on the surface created through the normal motion of getting on and off the leather seating areas.

Protectants Are Applied By Professionals

The Furniture Solutions NZ Ltd applicators are all thoroughly trained and you can rest assured that the protectants will be applied to a high and professional standard.

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