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Protection Plans

Here's How The Furniture Solutions Protection Plan Works ....

Once the Premiumcare or Goldcare Protection Plan is purchased, the lounge suite or dining chairs receive a protective application from one of the Furniture Solutions NZ Ltd applicators. 
The suite (or dining chairs) are then covered from the point of delivery to the customer, for 5 years for the occurrence of accidental rips, tears, cuts, fabric fault and staining. The customer also receives a free furniture care kit valued at between $60 - $80.
If the customer has any issues with the suite from that point on - they simply call Furniture Solutions NZ Ltd. Staff on 0800 342 372 and the problem will be sorted.
Furniture frame faults will be covered by the manufacturer - however once the customer has purchased the Protection Plan - even frame issues will be sorted by Furniture Solutions NZ Ltd on behalf of the customer.
Both Premiumcare and Goldcare Protection Plans are under-written by Insurance Companies. This provides peace of mind for the customer and the retailer.
Furniture Solutions NZ Ltd also offers a stain only Protection Plan called SuperShield. This covers the suite against the occurence of staining for the 5 year period (following delivery) and is valued at between $45 (for a single chair) through to $250 (for a 6 seater suite).

4 Simple Steps For Total Protection:


STEP 1 ... Protection Plan Purchase

When the customer purchases a lounge suite or dining chairs (purchased for domestic use) from one of the Protection Plan retailers (refer the list of retailer section to see who sells the Protection Plan ), they are offered the option of purchasing the Protection Plan .

STEP 2 ... Protective Application

Furniture Solutions NZ Ltd. arranges for the suite to receive a protective application to increase the wear-ability of the furniture covering.

  • A fabric suite receives a spray on application of an water based product called Super Shield (which contains an anti-allergy product called Health Guard). SuperShield will provide the fabric suite with a stain protection which will prevent the fabric from staining for the life of the Protection Plan (5 years).
  • A leather suite receives an application of the Pelle leather conditioner/protectant. The regular and correct use of the Pelle protection and cleaning products has been shown to double the wear life of a leather suite.

STEP 3 ... FREE Care Kits Provided

The customer is given a FREE care kit:

  • For a leather suite they receive a Pelle master kit (valued at $69) containing leather protectant and leather cleaner.
  • For a fabric suite – they receive a fabric care kit containing a spot cleaner, a deodoriser and a bottle of supershield fabric protectant. This kit is also valued at around $69.

STEP 4 ... The Suite Is Covered By Insurance For 5 Years

From the date of delivery, the new suite (or dining chairs) is covered for the occurrence of accidental rips, tears, cuts, fabric fault, zipper failure, staining & some other specific defects (as outlined in the policy brochure) for 5 years. If the customer has any issues with their furniture, they simply call Furniture Solutions NZ Ltd. On 0800 342 372 and we will take care of everything.

How Much Does A Protection Plan Cost?

The Protection Plan varies in cost depending on the size and value of your lounge suite. The prices range from $269.95 through to $369.95 (including GST).
But consider this - a protection application only for a new 5 seater lounge suite (valued at between $3001 and $5000) will cost around $199. To buy a furniture care kit (for a leather suite) will cost around $65. So the actual cost for the 5 year Protection Plan (for a suite valued at between $3001 and $5000) is only around $86. This for TOTAL protection for 5 years!

Where Are The Protection Plans Available?

If you are purchasing a suite and you are interested in a 5 year Protection Plan , here are retailers offering this service. If you are a retailer and you would like to offer your customers the benefit of the Furniture Solutions Protection Plan, here's what you need to do next.